Best Female Solo Artist 2012 | Music

Best of Halifax

Best Female Solo Artist

Gold Winner Carmen Townsend

Silver Winner Jenn Grant

Bronze Winner Jenocide

Carmen Townsend plays both acoustic, songwriters’ circle theatre shows and wild rock stages. Her huge voice and charming stage presence easily wins both crowds over. Music is her life and it shows. Last year she released her debut, *Waitin’ and Seein’* and toured across the country with Heart, something that still takes her breath away (“I can’t listen to them on the radio anymore, I cry”). She’s in high demand and her schedule can be a tough one to juggle (her band lives in Cape Breton and needs to make special trips for her local shows). Her constant opportunities keep her motivated and optimistic, although she admits she’s “feeling the pressure of her second record.” She’s all about pushing herself this year, though---in her songwriting, to experiment musically, to take on more of the business side of things. Look in her eyes, and you have no doubt she’ll ace it all. “I’ve been doing this my whole life, it wasn’t like, ‘Hmm, I’m going to be in a band I want to sing’, it’s just what I’ve *done*. I don’t know anything different.”

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