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Does Charles Austin sleep? We know he ate at least once in 2007 when “Graematter and Buck 65 and I did a soundtrack for documentary about truckers called Big Rig. We went to SXSW and got some burritos in Austin with Catano and Glencross. The soundtrack turned out almost as good as the burritos.” The big highlights for this multiple- award-winning studio is recording “so many awesome musicians” like Al Tuck, Tanya Davis, David Myles, Garrett Mason (“truly touched by the hand of Jimi”), Joyless Streets, The Sorrys, The Superfantastics, Matt Mays, The Beginners, Buck 65 and Skratch Bastid, Tomcat Combat, Erin Costelo, Down With the Butterfly, Lukas Pearse, Norma Macdonald, Spincycle, Play Guitar, Dave Marsh and Thom Swift. Austin’s not alone in the Chamber: “Andrew ‘Ozzy’ Gillis did a snazzy Myles Deck record and a bunch of other stuff. And good ol’ Dave Ewenson knows how to work all of the stuff at the studio and now I can go home and see my kids sometimes.”

First runner up: Sonic Temple

Second runner up: Common Ground Studios

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