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Best Local MC 

Jesse Dangerously

We’re just gonna nod our head to the beat while Mr. Dangerously makes his acceptance speech: “Aw shoot, shucks and gee willikers! I have never wavered in my faith that the readers of The Coast are unfailingly suave, literate, socially conscious and delicately scented. What is that...lavender? Karma cream? Lemon-dill? My left eye cries freshwater tears of gratitude and joy while my right cries a bitter rivulet of pity for the dashed hopes of all the other MCs in Halifax who aren’t as good as I am. Finally, I am firm in my conviction that in much the same way that god was instrumental in securing victory for Georges Bush and Canyon in their respective beauty pageants, I owe my victory in sum to one supreme being: Me, Jesse Dangerously, my goddamn self, for being the best MC in Halifax by a gratuitous margin. Thank you, Jesse D, for your unrelenting excellence and charm.”

1st runner-up: Wordburglar, 2nd runner-up: Classified


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