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Best Karaoke Host 

Mimi Andriopoulos

The first rule of karaoke at Bearly’s is you don’t have to be able to sing to do karaoke. “Singing talent isn’t necessarily number one,” say Mimi Andriopoulos, host of the Coast award-winning karaoke on Wednesday night. “People think it is, but it’s not important. Some people get up there and act like total fools and it’s fun.” The affable and friendly Andriopoulos should know a thing or two about karaoke—he’s been hosting the event for over 10 years. He likes to sing the Rolling Stones or the Doors when people are afraid to get on stage and helps to loosen up those a little too shy to belt out their own rendition of “Freebird” or “I Will Always Love You.” People say, “That host, he’s a really good singer,” he says. “But you know something, I’m not there to sing, I’m there to get people up to sing and fill the gap between the songs—tell a joke, make fun of somebody. You can tell who wants it and who doesn’t.”

Runners-up: Jackie Smith (Cheers), Dave Smith (Oasis)


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