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The Teeth Beneath

This was a close one, with the skater-made feature The Teeth Beneath grinding out a single-vote victory over those Trailer Park fellas. The 45-minute film tells the simple story of a monster that is unleashed in the basement of a skate shop, forcing the shop employees to do battle with the beast, in order to recover their money and their merchandise before they have to open the store at 11am. As co-creator Zach Tovey reveals, The Teeth Beneath is proof that the best film doesn’t always have to have the biggest budget. “We basically made the movie for about 300 bucks, and most of the money went towards fake blood—red food colouring and Karo [corn] syrup. Costumes, too, that sort of thing. And a few breakfasts for everybody. And some beer.”

1st runner-up Trailer Park Boys

2nd runner-up Love That Boy

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