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Nerd Army

Nerd Army blipped and bleeped their way into your hearts. So with the thousands of titles out there, what type of songs make this video-game soundtrack cover band hungry for battle? “We usually pick music from games that we like, but sometimes we look on YouTube or for songs from more obscure games,” says bassist James O’Toole. Nerd Army also takes geeky feedback at shows and by email. Ideally, they would like to do more from the Final Fantasy series, and more from Sega and Super Nintendo, too. Although their latest release, Mario EP, a collection of songs inspired by the Super Mario Bros. games series for the original Nintendo Entertainment System, will have you hopping over mushrooms, Nerd Army is hoping to release some original material soon. But it’s Nerd Army’s video game covers that have kept them in the game so far.

First runner up: King Harvest
Second runner up: Shameless

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