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In-Flight Safety

Twenty Questions with Best Band winner, In Flight Safety

We put vocalist/guitartist John Mullane in The Coast's hot seat

Last meal you ate together as a group?
Middle-of-nowhere Quebec truck stop on the way back from Toronto. I distinctly remember the worst music playing over the loudspeaker directly above our table.

Hangover cure?
The greasiest of greasy breakfasts, including four glasses of water, Tylenol Extra Strength, and a nice warm green tea with honey!!

Favourite board game?

Who would win in an arm wrestle?
Brad and Glen would probably tie for strongest. But maybe Glen would win because his forearms are so strong from all the drumming.

Hidden talents?
Glen: food connoisseur/great cook. Brad: master carpenter/wood worker. Dan: amazing Painter. Me: master of Street Fighter II.

Most memorable In-Flight show
Playing on a Canadian NAVY warship docked in Belfast, Northern Ireland, with Jenn Grant.

Worst In-Flight live show experience
Playing to, literally, zero people at noon in the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology cafeteria (in Edmonton). Actually it was negative-four people because four people got up and left.

Most memorable road story
There are so many stories. So for the record I officially suck at answering this question. What comes to mind though is November long-haul from Fernie, BC, to Sault Saint Marie, ON, without stops while evading a looming storm. Then picking up a stranded French-speaking family from New Brunswick along the way to join us in the van.

Oh and yeah, I remember the heater in the van stopped working within the first 45 minutes of the 36-hour drive. Good times.

One thing the band can’t live without when on tour

Good food! We need to eat great food or we rot from the inside out.

Describe your music in four words
Solitary falcons wistfully preying.

Biggest accomplishment as a band
That we’ve stayed together for this long, that we are still friends, and that we are still inspired to create. That, and the Juno nod for the video.

What will the In-Flight Safety biopic be called?
Sleeping Your Way To the Middle

Last movie that made any of you cry
That poor Benjamin Button!

Favourite 2008 albums
You and Me, The Walkmen; Oceans Will Rise, The Stills; Expatriate, The Coast is what comes to mind.

Biggest inspiration
For this last record: The National, a band from NYC.

Describe a perfect day
To be carried out of bed by cherubs, placed right next to my lady on a couch made of marshmallows (edible, of course), fed vanilla lattes and blueberry pancakes while MacGyver episodes play in a loop for eternity.

Favourite Halifax landmark
The Common

Any words for Stephen Harper?
George Bush Jr.

You got up close to Jack Layton at the NDP rally. Moustache: hot or not?

What's next?
Somebody please tell me.

First runner up: Dog Day
Second runner up:Tomcat Combat

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