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Best Live Music Venue 

  • Lenny Mullins

Gold Winner The Carleton Bar & Grill

Silver Winner The Seahorse Tavern

Bronze Winner The Company House

“That’s ironic as hell,” says Mike Campbell, laughing, after learning that The Carleton had earned the Live Music Venue crown. Maybe because the actual purpose of the call was to discuss the potential sale of his bar, bankruptcy protection and why he thinks people aren’t as keen to pay for live music these days. Against odds and construction zones, the music’s been alive at The Carleton for the last eight years, earning ECMAs, NSMAs and Best of plaques. “There will always be bands and live music venues and people crazy enough to try it on for size and maybe there’ll be a sea change that it will come back into fashion,” says Campbell, who hopes to keep The Carleton jamming until the end of the year, but can’t speak to what’s next. “There’s too much talent in this city for people to just let it languish.”



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