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Bluenose Laundromat

It’s another clean sweep for the Bluenose Laundromat and little wonder. They’ve got it all: 30 washers, double-sized dryers, plenty of table space to fold and sort your laundry, lots of seating and a restaurant right upstairs. Owner Maria Zelios says even with all that, it’s the atmosphere that keeps people coming back. “It’s pretty friendly, we get to know our customers.” It could also be the television set. Mounted up by the ceiling in the centre of the laundromat, the television is always on, and with people coming and going, there’s always someone to watch TV with—just like home. 2198 Windsor, 422-7098

1st runner-up Metro Laundry, 2347 Agricola, 423-8652

2nd runner-up Spin & Tumble Laundromat & Drycleaners, 1022 Barrington, 422-8099

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