Best Karaoke Night 2015 | Lion's Head Tavern | Music

Best of Halifax

Best Karaoke Night

Lion's Head Tavern

Gold Winner Laurie the Guy, The Lion’s Head Tavern

Silver Winner The Mimi Show, Bearly’s House of Blue & Ribs

Bronze Winner Dave Smith, Oasis Pub & Eatery

Best Karaoke Night
Riley Smith
Laurie "The Guy" Goulden

“This is my 25th year hosting karaoke and l can honestly say l still love doing it,” says the man, the genius, Laurie The Guy AKA Laurie Goulden, Halifax’s king of karaoke. “l am very lucky that good people have found me, they are the ones that make me look good.” You can find the consummate entertainer at the helm of six or seven “no-pressure karaoke” nights a week—unfortunately only one of those, Fridays, is at the Lion’s Head Tavern these days—and expect nothing but good vibes, pro performances and segues to rule them all from The Guy himself. “l know if l treat others the way l would like to be treated, have an entertaining show, a good selection of music, a fanny pack and funny pants, a few good or bad jokes, they will keep coming back.” He couldn’t be more right. See you on Friday, Laurie.

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