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Best Karaoke Night

Best Karaoke Night
ian selig

Gold Winner Laurie the Guy at Lion's Head Tavern

Silver Winner Dave Smith at Oasis

Bronze Winner DJ Master and DJ Bear 777 at Menz & Mollyz Bar

The next time you go see Laurie The Guy (AKA Laurie Goulding), bring him a box of cookies, would ya? This is the sixth consecutive time the iconic karaoke host—who’s been doing his thing most nights of the week since 1991—has earned this honour and we’d say that’s deserving of an Oreo or two. The past year saw some changes for Goulding’s act, namely less props and gear, but he’s confident it’s only made the experience better. “It is hard to show how thankful l am for being able to do what l love for so long and to make enough money to call it a living,” says The Guy himself. “The bars that hire me, the great people who love to sing and support me, The Coast readers for voting me...I thank you and hope to see you soon.” You can do that Sundays at The Butcher’s Block, Mondays at Staggers, Tuesdays at Monte’s, Wednesdays at Hugo’s and, of course, Fridays at The Lion’s Head.

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