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Best of Halifax

Best Instagram Account

Gold Winner @halifaxnoise

Silver Winner @chillinwithbernie

Bronze Winner @dave.culligan

No filters needed on this one. The inaugural Best Instagram Account goes to who else but the indomitable Kate Ross and her @halifaxnoise empire (which now includes @HalifaxNoiseVids and @HalifaxNoiseKids). Ross has turned HalifaxNoise into one of the surest stops in town to find out all the fun events, great deals and prettiest photos from HRM’s insta-famous network. In second-place is the glossy photography from @chillinwithbernie, and in third is @dave.culligan and his year-long, 365-day video blogging project.

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Police reports say it probably wasn’t a local who laced the clam chowder with PCP on the set of Titanic. Whodunit?