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Best of Halifax

Best Hotel Restaurant


Gold Winner Gio

Silver Winner Redwood Grill

Bronze Winner Ryan Duffy’s Steak & Seafood

Once again, Gio takes home the gold. Owned by the Prince George Hotel, the globally inspired menu includes an array of dishes, from Italian gnocchi to smoked elk. “I like to think, regardless of hotel or not, of us as one of the top restaurants in the city,” says Gio manager Sean Lewis. With hardwood floors and intimate seating, the downtown spot is sure to provide a luxury dining experience that Lewis considers worthwhile any day of the week, “Gio is for everyone and it’s an everyday restaurant…every time you go out should be awesome,” he says. Rooted in customer hospitality and a foreign culinary experience, Gio is the perfect spot for any occasion (and even when there isn’t one at all).
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