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Argyle Fine Art

Best Gallery

Gold Winner Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

Silver Winner Argyle Fine Art

Bronze Winner The Dart Gallery

When your gallery has Maud Lewis’ house in it the same year a movie about Maud Lewis is released, people are going to want to see that thing. Perhaps the Lewis abode—and two shows of collections of her works, in May and June—was the booster on the rocket ship to gold. But don’t discount the AGNS’s year-round non-Lewis programming, including SakKijâjuk, an exhibition of art and craft from Nunatsiavut; Bruce MacKinnon’s caricatures of prime ministers (on till spring 2018); artists interpreting events at Vimy Ridge; and The Last Art College, a large selection of works from artists who studied at NSCAD between 1968 and 1978. Lots to see, lots to declare the very best.

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