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Best Flower Shop

My Mother's Bloomers

Gold Winner My Mother’s Bloomers

Silver Winner Props Floral Designs

Bronze Winner The Flower Shop

It’s not that the fine folk at My Mother’s Bloomers are floral snobs, it’s just that they have great taste and aren’t afraid to use it. That’s why they save shop space for fancy flowers instead of carnations and baby’s breath. It’s also why they dominate this category. Well, that and the fact Bloomers co-owner Neville MacKay---basically, Halifax’s flower king---is just so hard to forget. “Neville is quite the character,” says one voter. “This place is the best for many reasons, not least of which is Neville and his antics,” says another. “Great location, staff, selection---Neville rocks!” backs up a third. It’s this kind of customer interaction that makes a flower shop like My Mother’s Bloomers smell extra sweet.

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