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Best Flea Market

Penhorn Mall

Don’t believe those rumours that flea markets are going the way of the dodo because of Sunday shopping. They’re doing very well, thank you very much. According to Penhorn organizer Rob Rock, flea markets have been part of Nova Scotian culture for about 30 years now, and a little detail like mall openings won’t get in the way. On Sundays, the Penhorn market now starts at 8am and runs until 1pm, to avoid competition with mall retailers. “We’re giving it a try,” says Rock. “It seems to be working.” They’re lining up for the evening market too, with wallets busting full of bills to spend on crafts, antiques, collectibles, jams, jellies, fudge...535 Portland, 463-4545

1st runner-up Sackville Flea Market

2nd runner-up Halifax Forum, 2901 Windsor, 490-4614

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