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Best Fitness Instructor

Tracey Kornblum

Tracey Kornblum is a firm believer that if you teach a fitness class, anyone---“from a first-timer to a triathalon trainer”---should be able to participate, as long as the instructor communicates properly. Putting her mantra where her mat is, Kornblum is still teaching all the moves, sometimes modified, even though she’s eight months pregnant. Admittedly, it makes some students nervous, but as the energetic mom-to-be says, “As long as you listen to your body, it’s fine. I’ll keep going until my water breaks or there’s a problem.” But don’t think she’s going soft. “I’m pregnant, not blind. No cheating!” Nubody’s, Park Lane Mall, 425-2348

1st runner-up Devin Sherrington, Nubody’s, 650 Portland, 435-0818

2nd runner-up Danny MacKinnon, Room 2 Move, 5571 Cunard, 446-4656

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