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Best Fitness Instructor / Trainer

Gold Winner Devin Sherrington, 360fit

Silver Winner Matt Mombourquette, One to One Wellness Centre

Bronze Winner Patrick Busby, 360fit

You know you’re good at your job if you kick your clients’ asses everyday and they still sing your praises. A life-long lover of fitness, Devin Sherrington has played university football, competed as a bodybuilder, trained the province’s top teams, got Hollywood celebs’ butts into gear and made a name for himself at 360fit. “I try to make fitness as fun as possible,” says Sherrington. “I tell people, in reality I’m just a big exercise geek and I just love what I do. I think it rubs off.” One BOH voter raves, “You always wonder why you are there but when you are done your workout, you feel great and can’t wait to come back.”

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