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Seven Wine Bar & Restaurant

Wine is a complicated beast. And for those who don’t know their Valpolicella from their Pino Gris, or want a new experience in wine tasting, your choice for this year’s Best Fine Dining employs three sommeliers, including Seven’s co-owner Costas Elles.

“We really try and make wine fun,” says Tom Jackson, general manager of Seven and one of Elles’ other restaurants, the popular Mosaic Social Dining Lounge, a runner-up for Best New Restaurant. “People come in with all different levels of interest and education about wine, and the sommeliers and the staff will take it from there.”

Keeping up on trends is important too, and the Seven staff is always on the lookout for new wines in every price range, and exclusive liquors for their seasonal martini menu. But there’s so much more to Seven than that expertly poured Bison Vodka Cucumber Martini: from the plush lounge to the sophisticated small plates menu, it’s a special night. “We do our best to take into account all aspects of the diner’s whole experience,” says Jackson. “From the way the customer is greeted at the door to the wine list and the atmosphere. It’s the whole experience overall, and it’s a fantastic place to eat.”

1st runner-up: Bish World Cuisine, 1475 Lower Water Street, 425-7993,

2nd runner-up: da Maurizio, 1496 Lower Water Street, 423-0859

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