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Best of Halifax

Best Fine Dining

Chives Canadian Bistro

Gold Winner Chives Canadian Bistro

Silver Winner The Bicycle Thief

Bronze Winner da Maurizio

Despite chef Craig Flinn’s best efforts, Chives wins again for Best Fine Dining. “Kind of surprised that we win fine dining category because I’ve strived since opening to not be fine dining,” he says. Flinn prefers the term Canadian bistro to describe the local-oriented eatery whose menu rarely exceeds the $30 mark. “The one compliment we get the most is the food is tasty and it’s consistent. If you’re going to spend a little extra on a meal you want to know you’re going to enjoy yourself,” says Flinn, who prides Chives on serving local, quality meals that make the extra buck worthwhile. Elaborate dishes like the Moroccan-spiced braised lamb and caramelized sea scallops are the reasons Chives has gone undefeated in this category—whether chef Flinn likes it or not.
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