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Best Fine Dining

Da Maurizio, 1496 Lower Water, 423-0859

Everything here is so nice. The entrance opens onto a bar loaded with fresh flowers from Neville’s and shining glassware. The rooms are furnished with upholstered chairs around tables of various shapes: round, rectangular, oval. The cloths and napkins are damask and linen. The menu is just as fine. Start with antipasti—perhaps calamari alla gradese, flash-fired and finished with olive oil, tomato, garlic and crushed chilies. Or scallops—cappesante al cavolo rosso, with a port reduction and chives. And then, in good time, (and it will be a good time) move on to, well, anything. The pasta. The seafood. It’s all done fine, as Coast readers know. The Coast had to have a recount, the vote for Best Fine Dining was so close—only one vote separates the winner from the runner-up. See, your vote does matter.

Runner-up: Bish, 1475 Lower Water, 425-7993

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