Best Family Restaurant 2017 | Mic Mac Bar & Grill | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Family Restaurant

Mic Mac Bar & Grill

Best Family Restaurant
Alexa Cude

Gold Winner Mic Mac Bar & Grill

Silver Winner The Armview Restaurant & Lounge

Bronze Winner Athens Restaurant

Large portions, reasonable prices, spot-on service and room to spare make the Mic Mac a reliable spot to push together a couple of tables and invite the whole fam jam out for dinner. Chances are your grannie and kid cousin can both find something classically stick-to-your-ribs to order here, and the staff won’t give a crap when you all scream-talk over each other. “We come highly recommended, our reputation is amazing,” says the Mic Mac’s Joël Chiasson, of the word of mouth that keeps people flocking with the loved ones in tow. “You get quality food for the price—that’s why people tend to bring their families and large groups here.”

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