Best Eco-conscious Store 2012 | P'lovers, Halifax | Shopping + Services

Best of Halifax

Best Eco-conscious Store

P'lovers, Halifax

Gold Winner P’lovers

Silver Winner Mountain Equipment Co-op

Bronze Winner Carbonstok

P’lovers was created by Ann Caverzan and Liz Crocker in 1992, making this their 20th anniversary. Partially in celebration, they moved the store from its long-time Park Lane Mall location south a block to the Trillium building on South Park Street. “We’re completely thrilled with the new location,” says Crocker. “There’s more space, more height, more light. Customers aren’t crammed into a tiny space, they can meander around and take their time. And for an environmental store, the natural light and being able to see trees out the window means a lot to us. Our souls are better for it.”

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