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Best of Halifax

Best Dog Groomer

Tailwagrrrs Metro Dog Wash

Gold Winner Kathleen Duffey, Tailwagrrrs K9 Wellness Centre, Bedford

Silver Winner Joanne Li, Bark N’ Bubbles

Bronze Winner Sarah Breen, Pet Valu, Bedford

What did voters have to say about Tailwagrrrs’ Kathleen Duffey, their choice for Best Dog Groomer? “She actually grooms my cat, Pumpkin, and gives her a lion cut. She does an amazing job.” If there’s one thing we can get on board with, it’s lion cuts. Especially good ones. Tailwagrrrs’ owner Duffey offers services like grooming, doggy daycare and “pawty” catering at both her Bedford and Halifax locations, and says the secret to success is her great staff. “Me, along with everyone that I draw into my world, absolutely 100 percent loves the animals and has a real passion for caring for them.”

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