Best Diner 2014 | The Armview Restaurant & Lounge | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Diner

The Armview Restaurant & Lounge

Gold Winner The Armview Restaurant & Lounge

Silver Winner The Ardmore Tea Room

Bronze Winner John’s Lunch

The Armview is a bit of a throwback. The look and feel of the place is of another time—it’s a cool, chill spot Don Draper would totally take Sally for lunch—but its tastes have evolved. What’s great about the menu is how it delivers everything you expect from comfort food, but with a twist. Try a milkshake, and add a shot from the bar. If you’re in the mood to devour a traditional burger, don’t miss the Hyland, with smoked gouda and spicy chorizo—it’s everything you want a burger to be. This menu is so varied that everyone is sure to be tempted, whether you’re looking for a light, healthy meal or a carb blowout.

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