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Best of Halifax

Best Desserts

Sweet Hereafter Cheesecakery

Gold Winner Sweet Hereafter Cheesecakery

Silver Winner The Middle Spoon Desserterie & Bar

Bronze Winner il Mercato Trattoria, Halifax

When you’re looking to satisfy a sweet-tooth craving, Sweet Hereafter is the place to go. It has—brace yourselves—100 different cheesecake flavours. That’s almost too much deliciousness to even fathom. Even Joanne MacDougall, who owns the place with her husband, can’t wrap her head around it. “Out of our 100 flavours I probably have 25 favourites,” she says with a laugh. Who could blame her? With all of that cheesecake greatness to choose from, it’d be near impossible to pick just one. In regards to their success, MacDougall chalks it up to an amazing staff and a consistent product. “My husband is the chef and he has a vested interested in everything being perfect every time,” she says. And readers agree, the cheesecake is absolutely flawless, every time.
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