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Il Mercato Ristorante

We could go on and on, praising Il Mercato for its delicious Italian desserts, but we think the right impression could be made just by listing a few of them. So, here goes: You can try Zuccotto (alternating layers of genoise, straticiatelle, chocolate mousse, covered in chocolate ganache), Pistachio Almond Cake (a rich, moist cake baked with almonds and pistachios, with a warm rum caramel sauce), Triple Chocolate Cheesecake (milk, dark and bittersweet chocolate cheesecake, with chocolate crust) or Frangipane-Ripple Chocolate Pound Cake (chocolate pound cake rippled with a sweet almond filling, served with a scoop of vanilla Gelato a Mano, drizzled with handmade chocolate sauce). Or how about just some handmade gelato?

First Runner-up: jane’s on the common
Second Runner-up: Brooklyn Warehouse
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