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Best of Halifax

Best Desserts

Best Desserts

Gold Winner Sweet Hereafter Cheesecakery

Silver Winner The Middle Spoon Desserterie & Bar

Bronze Winner Vandal Doughnuts

“It’s humbling to see how a little guy can compete in this world of big box stores,” says Sweet Hereafter’s Colin MacDougall. He’s been running the Quinpool cheesecakery with his wife Joanne for seven years now and says his sweet spot is still growing and still being discovered by new customers. “I feel like, last year and even this year we’re legitimate. The first few years you struggle to make a go of it, year five is a milestone and into year six and seven we see people who had their first date here and then we cater their wedding.” And though Sweet Hereafter is re-gaining its top spot after a few years as a runner-up, MacDougall says a win’s a win if it’s coming from you, dear Halifax.“Gold, silver or bronze it means some-body somewhere is thinking of you.”

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