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Best Cover Artist / Band


The dashing men of Shameless are definitely not ashamed to pick up their second award in as many years and not ashamed to get dirty doing it. The band is one of the hardest working in Halifax, playing over 200 shows last year.“Sometimes when you play so much, it just blends into one night,” lead singer Shawn Birt says. “I’ll be speaking about last week and someone will correct me and say, ‘That was last month.’ I don’t know if that’s a good thing.” The response for the group continues to grow as the band tours further west. The band played several shows in Ottawa last year and plans to hit Toronto in the year to come. But first, Shameless takes a break to enjoy their win, soaking up the rays on a sunny beach before it assaults east coast audiences with its great mix of sing-alongs, old and new. “We’re leaving for Cuba tomorrow for vacation,” Birt says. “It’s much needed, actually.”

Runners-up: Signal Hill, Fortune’s Hand

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