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Best Corner Store 

Joe Thomeh Kwik-Way

Who are the people in your neighbourhood? Sesame Street has Mr. Hooper’s Store. Cornwallis has Joe Thomeh Kwik-Way. The Kwik-Way has been around for 30 years, almost as long as Hooper’s has been in business, although the beloved Kwik-Way has a lot more stuff on the shelves. And it’s open later. And you probably won’t run into giant birds and green dudes who live in garbage cans. But you will find a place that carries everything you need, and a dedicated family who’s happy to serve you. 5580 Cornwallis, 423-7976

1st runner-up Triple A Convenience Store, 6279 Jubilee, 422-6957

2nd runner-up Needs Convenience at Windsor


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