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Best Cookie / Cupcake / Doughnut

Layers Cakes

Best Cookie / Cupcake / Doughnut
Meghan Tansey Whitton

Gold Winner Layers Cakes

Silver Winner Two If By Sea Cafe

Bronze Winner Ol' School Donuts

When Jen Harrison, owner of the petite, pastel cupcake shop Layers, gets word her bakery has once again won Best Cookie/Cupcake/Doughnut gold, her excitement tumbles though the phone call. “This is our third year winning, and it’s almost like a validation the love is still there,” she says with a laugh. “We’ve had customers from day one that are still regulars five years later.” It’s the dreamy buttercream and soft cake texture fans can’t get enough of, Harrison adds, but a rotating roster of flavours also adds appeal. “For a cupcake shop, it’d be easy to stay the same, but new flavours keep people excited.” Those flavours, she explains, are crafted by her pastry chefs, who find inspiration “all over, from ingredients we have around the kitchen, or even other desserts they’ll turn into cupcakes.”

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