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Best Comedian
Dylan Chew
Megan McDowell

Gold Winner Megan McDowell

Silver Winner Bill Wood

Bronze Winner Andrew Evans

This is the second time you’ve declared Megan McDowell your favourite person to laugh at, and you’ve had lots of chances this year, particularly at festivals including the most recent Halifax Pop Explosion, plus Sappyfest, Gridlock, Queer Acts and the Maritime Tattoo Festival. “A heartfelt thank you to those who voted for choosing me as your favourite comedian,” says McDowell. “I’ve also discovered a particular talent for Snapchat videos—follow me at mcdowell.meg. Nothing gives me more validation than knowing I give people joy for at least eight seconds a day. I promise to keep being me and I encourage folks to get out and check out the live local comedy scene because it’s filled with some gems!”

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