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Best of Halifax

Best Comedian

Gold Winner Megan McDowell

Silver Winner Bill Wood

Bronze Winner Cher Hann

Best Comedian
Megan McDowell, she's the funniest

“Since moving here in 2009 I’ve been given opportunities to work outside of the usual stand-up venues and to create shows that I am super-proud of,” says McDowell, your pick for funniest Haligonian. “These shows are sometimes stand-up, sometimes sit down, sometimes sketch, sometimes drag, sometimes behind-the-scenes. I’ve learned that I don’t need to meet the expectations of what makes a ’best comedian’ according to some other comics. My greatest ambition has always been to stay authentic to myself, to create when I feel inspired and to keep evolving.” McDowell has been taking time off from performing this fall, trying to figure out her next steps. “I feel especially motivated now that I’ve received this lovely accolade from The Coast,” she says. “So thank you Halifax for your support and recognition! It really does mean a lot to me that you enjoy what I do and who I am.”

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