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Dan Savage

Does a straight-laced town like Halifax really need a foul-mouthed sex advice columnist?

According to a small group of whiny citizens, the answer is definitely not. This moral minority has been complaining about Dan Savage for nearly a year now, phoning and writing to The Coast, The Coast’s advertisers—even the police—to get the Seattle-based Savage Love syndicator shut down. But to no avail. The only effect the Savage haters have had is to make it harder for you to find metro’s only alternative newspaper. Their complaints got the Coast banned from a number of former distribution spots—most recently the Halifax-Dartmouth ferry terminals (where around 1000 copies where picked up and read every two weeks).

But The Coast, and the law, has always had faith in Savage (Dan Savage), not to mention the majority of Coast readers. And with this Readers’ Poll, the silent masses have weighed in on the side of sex and sanity, crowning Savage the best scribe read in the SuperCity.

And if you’re mad that you don’t have anything to read on the ferry these days, write a short letter of support to Brian Taylor, Manager of Metro Transit, 200 Ilsley Ave, Dartmouth, ns, b3b 1v1, letting him know how much you miss The Coast. Taylor’s telephone number is 490-6614 and his fax is 490-6688. —Kyle Shaw

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