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Best Canadian Single

k-os, “Crabbuckit”

Sure, “Crabbuckit” is one of the catchiest songs of the year, but beneath the bouncy rhythm you will find a tale of a young man dealing with and moving past the negative feelings around him. “My first record was about how hip-hop is in the lost state and how I was so angry,” k-os told The Coast back in January. “I think songs like ‘Crabbuckit’ was a catharsis for me, going ‘OK, I don’t really have time to worry about a lot. Those things have probably been existing on the planet since its inception.” Instead of letting negative feelings get to him, he uses them for positive actions, driving the point home with the uplifting verse “No time to get down/Cause I’m movin’ up.” “‘Crabbuckit’ is that of a man saying, ‘I’ve grown up now, these are my beliefs. Oh yeah, this is what you told me is the truth, this is MY truth,” the rapper/producer says. “I think that’s why it’s reaching all different people of all different ages because different people come to that and realize that. People have those epiphanies at all ages.”

Runners-up: The Pools, “Kickin’’; Feist, “Mushaboom”

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