Best Barista 2015 | The Nook Espresso Bar and Lounge | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Barista

The Nook Espresso Bar and Lounge

Gold Winner Danielle Archer, The Nook

Silver Winner Laura Arsenault, Java Blend Coffee Roasters

Bronze Winner Jeremy Waterman, The Smiling Goat

Best Barista
Samuel Kean
Danielle Archer at The Nook

Danielle Archer’s favourite hot beverage to make is a macchiato in a Gibraltar glass, not just for the drink itself, but the challenge. “It’s kind of like a test of how good you are—pour something beautiful in something super tiny.” A barista for five years, Archer’s passion was sparked by a coworker who was a trained judge for the Barista’s Competition of Canada. “It’s a job where you get minimum wage, but you put a lot of your time and love into it,” says Archer. “It’s kind of like a trade, it’s almost like an art. And you can do it anywhere in the world.

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