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Best of Halifax

Best Barista


Keegan Blue, Almonak
5659 Almon Street


Dan Weir, Weird Harbour Espresso Bar
1656 Barrington Street


Jenna Oosterholt, Bliss Caffeine Bar
1451 South Park Street

Best Barista winner Keegan Blue says his favourite drink to make is an 8oz cappuccino with a tulip of milk foam on top. “It’s one of the first ones you learn but it looks pretty good,” he says. It’s not just Blue’s coffee-pouring skills that landed him the win. It’s also an undeniable charisma and charm. His friends first made the BOH nomination as a joke, but soon Blue realized he actually had a shot. “I can’t believe I won number one,” he says. “There are definitely some better baristas out there but I will take all the fame and glory.” Having first learned the art of coffee at Starbucks, Blue “climbed the ladder” to spend 10 months at Dilly Dally, which he said has “a great vibe, great food and great coffee.” He now works at Almonak.
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