Best Artist / Band To Get Trashed To 2012 | Music

Best of Halifax

Best Artist / Band To Get Trashed To

Gold Winner The Stanfields

Silver Winner Black Moor

Bronze Winner The Graboids

When we reach Jon Landry (guitar, vocals), it’s over a crackling cell, with oxygen mask announcements being made in the background. His flight is taxiing out to the runway at Pearson in Toronto. The band is headed to Texas, yeah Texas, where they’ll have some fun: A show in Dallas, then off to SXSW for a couple of gigs with other Nova Scotian artists. He’s thrilled to hear The Stanfields have won this award again and is happy to report that a new, darker-sounding Stanfields record is in the can for summer release, called Death & Taxes. “It’s loud, hard and fast rock ‘n’ roll,” he says. Then he’s got to go. The plane is taking off.

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