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(tie) Al Tuck and No Action, Signal Hill

The tie vote between Al Tuck (long-time favourite folkie and the man All-Music Guide calls, “one of North America’s least-known exceptional songwriters”) and Signal Hill (Halifax’s most sociable! bar band, bar-none) in this category leads to an obvious conclusion. Half of you recognize Al Tuck and No Action is a doozy of a clever name. The rest of you either missed the pun or are such rabid fans of Signal Hill, that you dutifully followed orders and clicked from to the Reverb Readers’ Poll site to vote for the band in every possible category. And that’s fine. Really. Because if you’re a big fan of Signal Hill, the hill, like, the hill in St. John’s, you might be just as smitten with the band named after the hill. Or, perhaps, you just think Signal Hill is a great name for anything. In which case, you’re probably also buying a lot of Signal Hill brand sugar too. Not that we’re judging. After all, it’s you guys that pick these things.

Runners-up: (tie) Hell City Love, Wintersleep

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