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Best Artist / Band Most Likely To Make It Big

Gold Winner Ria Mae

Silver Winner Hillsburn

Bronze Winner Adam Baldwin

Pop is a broad genre, and Ria MacNutt (AKA Mae) understands that some artists dislike the term. MacNutt herself, however, has no problem with it. “To me, it just means whatever’s on the radio,” she says. “I’ve always been OK with it, ’cause I’ve always loved radio.” Her single, “Clothes Off,” turned out to be a radio hit and found its place among the highest-selling singles in Canada in 2015, which earned Mae a Juno nomination. The Weeknd ended up with the Juno, but the Halifax-born singer ends up on top when it comes local votes. Not a bad performance for the musician who took the gold for Best New Artist in 2010.

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