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Chris Arsenault

These days, activist Chris Arsenault finds writing a column for New Brunswick’s weekly, Here, more politically useful than sitting in meetings. Covering political hot topics, Arsensault has found a new venue for communication that won’t land him in jail, as he was in 2001 after protesting at the finance ministers’ meeting before the G8 sessions in Alberta. “If you get arrested once when you’re in diapers, people remember your name,” he laughs. Regardless of the cause, Arsenault is committed to the ideal of solidarity that results in action, rather than ideological debate. He even travelled to Columbia to research the Cerrejun mine, which supplies 17 percent of NS Power’s coal. “I can’t do it, if I can’t see it,” he says.

1st runner-up Cole Webber

2nd runner-up Susanna Fuller

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