A legacy, brewed and bottled

A legacy, brewed and bottled

From a tiny brewery with no intent to bottle to an undeniable anchor in an ever-growing craft community, this year Propeller Brewing Co. celebrates 20 years of making beer.
"I remember being in really good shape when I worked downstairs," John Allen says.

I’ll have what they’re having

Brewmasters dish on what they knock back after hours.
“It depends on my mood and the weather and if I’ve had a long day at work or not. I like a clean lager after a long day at work, but if I’m having a meal I’ll have something with more flavour—right now I’m liking Tatamagouche’s Deception Bay, Abyss by Spindrift, or Roof Hound is doing some great stuff . I’m a pretty equal opportunity beer drinker.” —Jeremy Taylor, brewmaster at 2 Crows Brewing Company

Craft beer conflict

An update on the beef between the NSLC and local brewers.
The NSLC and local craft beer are in a relationship, but it's complicated. The topic has caught the attention of beer lovers across the province, especially since Unfiltered Brewing filed a lawsuit against the NSLC last summer.

Good for what ales you

Making a case for using medicinal ingredients in brewing.
The morning hangover—remember it?

One year of beer—2017’s festivals, special events and celebrations

Hop to it, and make all of your drinking dates in advance with this round up of some of the region’s biggest beer events.
Big Spruce's 4th Anniversary: RA RA Rasputin Fest Sat, April 1 Stillwell, 1672 Barrington Street

Apples to apples: 5 local ciders to try

The cider scene is blossoming, and we’re drinking up the fruits of its labour.

Put a label on it

Spotlighting stellar local beer labels and logos.
North Brewing Company Gus’ 65m Ale Jill Jackson—owner of Jill + Jack Paper—was one of the artists behind North’s series of illustrated labels all designed by women.

10 Nova Scotia beers you have to try

Local craft drink tank 902 Brewcast picks a perfect 10-piece sampler pack.
2 Crows Brewing Co. Liesse Table Beer Citrusy.

Drink up the Beer Guide

A look at the craft scene, from an organic malt house, to a Beer Bus to local carbonation innovation

Get on the bus

Sip your way around the city with Taste Halifax’s latest tour offering—the Beer Bus.
The smoky flavour of Good Robot's Samsquamptch!, the hoppiness of Garrison's India Pale Ale and the malty aroma of Sea Level Brewing's Rojo Mojo Red may be more familiar to some Haligonians than others.

Malt teaser: the goods on Horton Ride Malt & Grain Co.

Tapping into Nova Scotia’s first malt house
You're out for a pint, minding your own business, when your beer-nerd friend—everyone has one—starts on a rant about the full, rich, enticing body of their chosen brew.

Locks and load: adventures with Dartmouth’s new brewery

Nine Locks Brewing has arrived in Dartmouth, inspiring a can-do attitude for beer-fueled adventure.
Nine Locks Brewing, owned by Danny and Shaun O'Hearn, officially graced the craft brewery scene with its presence last week.

Wizz kid, Guy Tipton

Guy Tipton has changed the local craft brewing game with his at-home invention, the bubble-making FizzWizz.
Guy Tipton says his invention, the FizzWizz, came to be quite unexpectedly.

Tap into 2015's Beer Guide

Hops to it
This round's on us.

Spindrift makes a splash

This summer brings Dartmouth Spindrift Brewing Company, an unconventional brewery with Kellye Robertson at its helm.
If you've heard whispers of a new brewery opening in Dartmouth, I'm here to confirm that delicious rumour. Spindrift Brewing Company aims to sample its wares at May's Craft Beer Full House, and hit shelves by July.

Greg Nash, no filter

“I’m doing it fuckin’ my way”—Greg Nash, the king of hops, brings Unfiltered Brewing to North Street this summer.
Greg Nash has left his mark on just about every microbrewery and brewpub in the province. So while it's no surprise Nova Scotia's undisputed king of hops is finally opening his own brewery, it's pretty damn exciting.

Beer science: meet the homebrewer

A look behind the scenes at Brewnoser Rob Shortt’s basement beer factory
Rob Shortt is a mad scientist in his basement laboratory in Dartmouth. His experiments consist of mixing up small batches of craft beer to enjoy after work, or with his club of fellow homebrewers, the Brewnosers.

What’s a cicerone?

Meet Angeline MacLennan, the first and only one in Nova Scotia
"When people say, 'I don't like beer' I always say, 'You just don't know you like beer,'" says Angeline MacLennan. She, on the other hand, always knew she was into it—whether making her own brews or knocking back somebody else's.

Bad Apple does good

Bad Apple Brewhouse isn’t just making great beer with its award-winning Mosaic Double IPA, its making a difference too
Charity isn't a new concept for Jeff Saunders and wife Kari Smith of Somerset's Bad Apple Brewhouse. Last year, about 80 percent of the microbrewery's proceeds went to the Halifax Nova Scotia Down Syndrome Society.

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Big Taps


Big Taps

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How much draught bers do the big bars sell in Halifax? comments      1

Mo' selecta


Mo' selecta

posted by ANDY MURDOCH, Mar 12/09

There are some great imported beers available in town. Who has the widest selection of beer? comments      2

House beers


House beers

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Local brewies often prepare one-off blends of beers for bars and restaurants around town. They are worth searching out. comments      4

Snuggled in


Snuggled in

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These are the places to go if you are the type who hates crowds and blaring tvs. comments      5

Hop on up!


Hop on up!

posted by ANDY MURDOCH, Mar 12/09

A new generation of India Pale Ales pack a strong, hoppy punch and Pumphouse brewmaster Greg Nash is their champion. comments      0


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