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BA Johnston w/Windom Earle, Ring Rats, Lucas Hicks

Hamiltonian (and erstwhile Haligonian) song and dance man BA Johnston is a fool for food. With songs like “How Many T-Bone Steaks Can I Fit In My Pants”, “I Dream in Poutine”, “You Had Me at Montreal Steak Spice” and “Deep Fryer in my Bedroom” one often leaves a BA show hungry—as well as soaked in second-hand beer and dollar store party popper confetti. So where might you see BA resting his white loafers and enjoying a post-show bite after his Thursday night show at Gus’ Pub? We talked to the gallant gastronome about the delicate bond between food and music. —Stephanie Johns

BA Johnston w/Windom Earle, Ring Rats, Lucas Hicks, Gus’ Pub & Grill, 2605 Agricola Street, Thu Oct 9, 10pm, $4 before the first band, $8 after

Q: Why all the food songs?

A: They say you should write about what you know, and all I really do is drive around doing my dumb show and eating grub. As my songs now are basically a nostalgiafest, food can be a good way to get that across. Who hasn’t got a soft spot for the Hamburglar due to countless kids parties at Mickey D’s?  

Q: What are your favourite Halifax snacks (post-show or otherwise)? What do you eat on tour?

A: My favourite food in Halifax is the tempura soba soup from Dharma Sushi. I’d say it ranks up there with the best soup in the land, and it’s super reasonable on the price end of things. I also really enjoy fried clams from John’s Lunch and late into the night I love to eat Kit Kat garlic fingers. Don’t you judge me for that. The box barely fits through the door and the driver is the nicest dude. My eating habits on the road become more depressing. My glove box is filled with jerky and granola bars and often that’s the nutritional highlight of my day. So much fast food, so much Tim Hortons, so much sadness. To be fair, A&W has stepped up their game to a surprising level. 

Q: What are your 2015 musical plans?

A: The 10 year anniversary digitally re-mastered version of *My Heart is A Blinking Nintendo* comes out at the end of this month. I have a new record coming out at the end of February, I’m recording it right now with Mike O'Neill. This summer I’m doing both Evolve and Sappy. Nothing like playing in a yurt to 35 18 year olds in 45 degree heat, followed by a 1pm slot at Uncle Larry’s to improve your feelings of self worth.

Q: Do you think cheese on donairs is acceptable? 

A: No, man. To paraphrase Rufus Thomas, "that just feels so unnecessary."

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