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Re: “Saving Brindi

I forgot to add to my post that nowhere did anyone say to contact mass people or did you ever get mail from release brindi suggesting to do anythingof the sort. I was free to read , lurk and never saw anyone being bothered until again the save brindi crew came over and left their mark. They acted like territorial dogs having to have their pee everywhere.
Thank you

What ever happens happens I just hope Brindi is the winner

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Posted by Angela on 03/10/2009 at 11:28 AM

Re: “Saving Brindi

Misty Blue wrote
We can only go by what we read because we are not there to see or hear differently.

Exactly and that is the problem only half of what is done is posted the hiding behind private messages and mass emails that should not be and should be brought to the forefront
on both groups although I have seen none of that in release brindi if it was happening I would like to see it also
Telling people to write email after email like it is going to change the outcome. False statements, fake accounts to start trouble and then leave and delete the account
I honestly believe Lara was set up

Esther good for you
I have not seen you in either group. When that mass email went out by the ADMIN of save brindi it made me sick
The only one that I saw was the lady that had the deport the bitch comment she apologized. Me if I had of said it the way this woman was treated I
would honestly tell them all to go to hell
Why did the ADMIN not apologize is she above everyone else just a thought.
The owners and ADMINS need to be held accountable. I am not sure if Miss Rogier owns or is in charge of the save brindi group. If she is I would straighten this mess out
and demand an apology for these people
This is rehashed over and over again. Miss Mitchell is marked for that. That is wrong. So many of the members have lashed out and I have seen it
Members that should have been banned from save brindi were not and the saga continued. I saw innocent people banned for asking a question
The questions disappeared with the member. They wonder why people needed to form Release Brindi that would be it
If they answered the questions and they were good honest questions then it may be different
The pictures are in the release brindi group. If I did not see some of these comments myself I would have said they were fake but I did see them
I took people off my friends list for such trash. I read the comments on their profiles Shame on Them all
I am glad I never posted in the save brindi group therefore I think when I left no one noticed or cared and I may be able to dodge my name being spread

I live a quiet life and try not to speak out. I am remaining neutral and hope the judge makes her decision based on the facts
Not all the dribble and useless cat fighting that as far as I can see is coming from members of save brindi
unless I see concrete proof of different my mind can not be changed on how I feel about these groups.
Don't bother replying without proof and your snide accusations unless it is full proof it is useless dribble
Thank you

Posted by Angela on 03/10/2009 at 11:06 AM

Re: “Saving Brindi

I was wrong sorry Misty blue I meant to type lover not hater. It was Lover not haters comment I was answering not Misty Blues

Posted by Angela on 03/10/2009 at 8:19 AM

Re: “Saving Brindi

Mist Blue wroteAs for LS, she was very hateful and copies of this hateful & libel posts were sent to facebook,that's how she got deleted.
Also in case she doesn't know,or any of her flock is misinformed about MS,
This disease is not deadly!!

Misty this is the kind of anger that I saw come out of the members from save brindi going over to release brindi and posting.
Where ever L S is in this disease it is not right to say that.
I honestly am not convinced that Lara Spencer was not the one doing the posts. Anyone can set up a fake id on facebook and anyone can post and take screen shots I think that's what you people called it and send it in as evidence. I may be wrong but word out there is that that someone set L.S. up. I will not disclose where I heard this because again I feel threatened by so many on facebook. This is a very sad situation
For some people that come off so smart they are not, Not meaning you Misty. I recall in save brindi the complaint that the group was hacked what makes you think L S account was not hacked
I am not picking up for L S just saying that you should always think everything through.
I am not picking a fight again I want no trouble but people need to realize there are some really evil capable people out there

Posted by Angela on 03/10/2009 at 7:53 AM

Re: “Saving Brindi

Misty Blue

I read the deport bitch comment and the lady that said it did apologize,, she was just frustrated after reading that the save brindi group was about to get its members to tie up public offices. I am not saying that lady was right but I am saying I do understand the frustration. I am all for looking for support but this is borderline harassment. I will agree some nasty things were said also when certain people including the ADMIN of save brindi went over and started to cause trouble. It is very sad that people that do not agree with the release brindi group can not leave those members alone. Little did they know I also received an email from a certain S B saying I should be ashamed of myself for starting or being part of the release brindi group. . I did not start I was merely a member. I was there to learn Something sadly and I mean sadly I did not learn in the save brindi. I stayed with the save brindi group until like I said before the email that had names on it. I felt oh lord I am next and left. I never said a word over there but being member of both groups I felt threatened. I am still scared to say my full id for fear of being trashed or being reported by 4000 members. Remember Lara Spencer who I am not completely convinced the Lara Spencer that posted in save brandy was the real Lara Spencer. I think it was a fake id made up to take this woman out and they did take her out. I do not nor will ever agree with that. I am not posting on this subject as I feel this could go on and on who did what. All I know and I feel in my heart, I should not be marked for being in a certain group. I am scared to walk my dog because of what happened to my dog. I hope Miss Rogier has one hell of a fence because if she gets brindi back and brindi gets lose again . heaven only knows what will happen this is sad all round. I am not picking or choosing sides. I just want to be able to go in peace where ever I want

Thank you.

Posted by Angela on 03/09/2009 at 9:25 PM

Re: “Saving Brindi

Ok Misty Blue I missed something sorry, Can you add a little proof to that statement, names or id's so I know who you are talking about I will go back and lurk through the posts. I am open to both sides and would like a little more information
Thank you

Posted by Angela on 03/09/2009 at 8:00 PM

Re: “Saving Brindi

Now Misty Blue no one said that save brindi was a hate group.

Posted by Angela on 03/09/2009 at 7:18 PM

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