Photographing oddities

NSCAD photography students break the rules with this alternative process exhibition.

Geri Nolan's summer Alternative Process Photography workshop at NSCAD was unconventional. "This class exemplified most of what would constitute bare-bones photography," says photography student Veronica Horsman. "It was all about mistakes. It was all about breaking photo rules. It was all about experimentation. We were doing everything from 200-year-old processes to digital negatives. How often is that done in one class?" Unconventional bred creativity, as is evident from this week's exhibition that showcases art from the workshop. Horsman's Chucks piece that's pictured above is only a snapshot of a much larger work, standing at more than five feet tall and printed on raw cotton using the Van Dyke process---resulting in a brown-and-white print. Horsman says her main interest is fashion photography, but she's "having a hard time thinking through its digital dominance." She adds: "The fast pace is something I can deal with but, for this analogue heart, something about the digital photographic process is taking the intimacy out of fashion." Get intimate with Horsman's work and that of her classmates at the reception, Monday at 5:30pm.