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Adria's Top Ten Vines of 2015 

I wasted a lot of fucking time last year.


2015 was the year of the Vine, the social media/video sharing app on which users can upload seven to ten second clips of footage, most often of random blunders from their cellphones, and loop them into eternity. Vines are a particular Internet phenomenon; the content ranges from wipe-outs to sport clips to news bloopers, traffic violations, animal encounters, parodies, pranks, and just about anything that incites Schadenfreude. An especially popular Vine will be replicated and replicated and replicated (example: "Hotline Bling" parodies) until the original Vine isn't even relevant anymore (example: "What are those?"), and people out there spend hours putting together monthly, weekly and daily compilations (my personal favourite is the World Star ones).  Vines are a perfect paradox for the modern age, showing both the meaninglessness of existence and how our lives are a series of single fleeting moments. I've spent a lot of time watching Vines. My top ten of 2015 are the Vines I've returned to again and again, or are my favourite example of a unique Vine phenomenon. Please enjoy these; I really, really do. 

* To turn on the volume, click the 'horn' icon in each video frame. 

10.  "Trying to talk to my crush like" 

9. The Thug Life Series ("Elbow") 

8. Hoverboard Fails ("Darth Vader")

7. The "RKO Outta Nowhere"

6. The "ACDC Dog" 

5. The Cat Honk ("Marvin Gaye")

4. The Pug Bark (wait for it) 

3. "Wait a Minute Mr. Postman" 

2. The Dancing Doge 

1. And my number one Vine of 2015, replayed 600 times

Keep those cameras rolling. 

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