Nova Scotia Music Week pics

I took a kagillion photos over the weekend, here are a few.

Musicians are just like you and me: they pump their own gas.

Empty plates and a sad lonely banana at the awards brunch. Fruit just doesn't replace the bacon/egg hangover food group.

If hells freezes over during the In the Dead of Winter fest, industry profesh of the year, Heather Gibson, can fill her blue tube with rum toddies.

Dan Ledwell, this time in focus.

Waye Mason wins educator of the year for keeping 56 NSCC students quiet in my hotel at night. Pop Explosion also won, as did HPX publicist Matt Charlton and technician, Sean MacGillivray.

If you win publicist of the year like Matt Charlton, who writes your press release?

Sonic Entertainment Group/Sonic Concerts/Sonic Temple make a sonic clean-up.

Remember that Al Pacino movie S1m0ne? I like to think of George Canyon as Tara Thorne's S1m0ne. Our Scene and Heardist wrote the script for the gala awards show, literally putting words in Canyon's mouth. She even got Mike Clattenburg to use one of my favourite words, "skillions."

Best female recording artist Christina Martin and her choir really hope it's something big.

Tom Fun begins world domination, and hopefully, a clothing line.

Always a pleasure with Gypsophelia

Nominee, the lovely Laura Peek, actually has a band playing with her, but they seem to have disappeared.

Big award winner Old Man Luedecke seems to have disappeared as well, but he's just really modest.

Ledwell and Sisk explain pie chart yumminess. They're also available for corporate gigs.

Thorne literally puts her blood and guts into the gala awards script.

The Stanfields warm up the crowd at the after-party.

Tom Fun gives some award-winning sass.

Don't try this at home, kiddies.

Mat and Dave with the best $70 spent this festival.

Relief as all body parts are accounted for, and the festival comes to an end.