District 15
(Fairview - Clayton Park)


District Profile

Total Population, 2006 Census: 13,382

Issue: Tax Reform

Average municipal tax comparison for single family homes

DistrictAverage Property 2009 (taxable)Current Tax (2007)Draft Tax Model (2007)Change in taxes
District 15 (Fairview - Clayton Park)163,7301,2891,3595.40%

Source: HRM. HRM Note: Amounts exclude Low Income Rebates. Final adjustments are not included to treat mobile homes as multi-unit; and for the 2009 changes in the Transit Tax structure. Not all area rates are included in the "Current Tax".

Current Councillor

Russell Walker. Read his report card.

Elections Data

2008 Results

Russell Walker - Acclaimed

2008 School Board elections

(District 4 - North end Halifax, Mainland North)
Lisa Dickson
Jon Frost
Tara N. Ibrahim
Malcolm MacKay,
Chris Poole, 23.16%
Michael Sanderson,
Pam Sullivan

2004 Results

Russell Walker 2953 (69.17%)
Nathaniel Smith 1316 (30.83%)

Voter Turnout: 43.52%

84.24% voted for Peter Kelly in 2004; Only 44.74% did that in 2000