District 11
(Halifax North End)


District Profile

Total Population, 2006 Census: 14,893

The north end is a balanced neighbourhood in most respects. From age to education or income we see diversity, although one group of people solidly dominate the scene: this is solidly a native Nova Scotian district. 56.8% are non-movers (natives) and a full 28% of the people who moved to District 11 came from within the HRM. Only 11.1% of residents come from outside Nova Scotia. The largest visible minority groups are aboriginal (4.4%, 639 people) or black (7.8%, 1,118 people).

Agewise, 22.1% are over 60 and 25.8% are aged between 20-34.The increased age spread is reflected by 10.2% widowed population and must certainly boost (along with students) the 35.9% who are listed as not being in the labour force. Family life is split here as well, with 31% of married families versus 9.1% divorced and 27.2% are single parent families.

District 11 is a mixed income neighbourhood that ranges from blue collar to middle class. Overall household incomes are $43,092 (average) and $36,018 (median). 11.1% make over 60,000 per year and 11.3% make between $15-$19,999. Overall - just over half - 51.1% make over 20K per year. The largest percentage of workers 30.1% work in sales and service. 10.2% have a trade. 17.7% work in business or finance or administrative work. There is an employment rate of 58.7% and an unemployment rate of 8%.

Education amongst people aged 15-24 is on the way up over the last decade. 51.4% are full time students compared to 38.4% a decade earlier (or, more students have moved further north in the last decade). 30.7% do not have a high school leaving certificate while 20.3% have a university degree. 25.5% have a college certificate or diploma.

Source: Nova Scotia Community Counts website offers statistical profiles by HRM polling district.

Issue: Tax Reform

Average municipal tax comparison for single family homes

DistrictAverage Property 2009 (taxable)Current Tax (2007)Draft Tax Model (2007)Change in taxes
District 11 (Halifax North End)172,8101,3421,319-1.70%

Source: HRM. HRM Note: Amounts exclude Low Income Rebates. Final adjustments are not included to treat mobile homes as multi-unit; and for the 2009 changes in the Transit Tax structure. Not all area rates are included in the "Current Tax".

Current Councillor

Jerry Blumenthal Read his report card

Elections Data

2008 Results

Jerry Blumenthal Profile
2,442 votes / 51.15% Upset!

Patrick Murphy Report card and profile
2,241 votes / 47.85%

Voter turnout: 42.32%

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2008 School Board elections

(District 4 - North end Halifax, Mainland North)
Lisa Dickson
Jon Frost
Tara N. Ibrahim
Malcolm MacKay
Chris Poole 23.16%
Michael Sanderson
Pam Sullivan

2004 Results

Patrick Murphy 1745 (35.15%)
Eva Moore 1457 (29.35%)
Debbie Kelly 603 (12.15%)
Jocelyn Yerxa 556 (11.20%)
Pat Pottie 381 (7.68%)
Michael White 112 (2.26%)
Michael Parsons 110 (2.22%)

Voter Turnout: 45.83%

2000 Results

Jerry Blumenthal(i) 3,744
Patrick Murphy 727

1995 Results

Jerry Blumenthal(i) 3,856
Dan Clarke 717
Voter turnout: 45.9%

79.09% voted for Peter Kelly in 2004;
-36.15% Change in 2008 (but a return to 2000 levels).
Only 43.51% voted for him in 2000.