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Best Nightclub

Reflections Cabaret

“The secret is that it’s a very happy place,” says Mike Schmid, manager at Reflections. “That’s the atmosphere and it feeds itself.” The mix of DJ nights, live music and “anything goes” talent shows, along with a special kind of laissez faire attitude from the staff makes for a no-labels, inclusive kind of place. “Our position is, if you’re doing something in there but it’s not bothering anybody, it’s OK with us, generally speaking. As long as its legal,” says Schmid. “And we will not tolerate people who don’t accept that.” 5184 Sackville, 422-2957

First runner up: Tribeca Bistro Bar, 1588 Granville, 492-4036

Second runner up: Pacifico Bar & Grill, 1505 Barrington, 422-3633